Monday, 27 March 2017

'De Facto' by Her Majesties Passport Authority

Well this is a rather amusing post today… in the spirit of Highlander ‘there can only be one’ and it would appear in this instance it would be me. Yes apparently I’m the only chap in the UK with an official acknowledgment of being the legal Laird of Dunans. It’s ‘De Facto’ so to speak by virtue of Her Majesties Passport Authority recognising my deed of ownership care of Charles Dixon-Spain.  I must say this is rather tongue & cheek as traditionally Scottish Lairds (Landlords) would have owned rather large tracts of land attached to some dwelling outside of a town area not just a few square feet of land positioned outside a derelict castle……oh well who am I to argue with Her Majesty’s Passport Authority......I shall accept this official observation  in all good humour :-)  

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