Saturday, 18 March 2017

What to do with a Coat of Arms?

So what on earth do you do with a coat of arms? Obviously in days of old it was placed upon a knights shield. The obvious way i suppose to wear arms these days is in the form of a personal seal in the form of a signet ring. Traditionally a signet ring is worn on the left hand smallest finger. It's a nice subtle way of bearing arms in the contemporary world. This can be expensive or modestly cheap depending upon who you have make your arms and also if  you choose to go fully bespoke hand engraved or laser engraving. Metal choice, gold, silver or other metals can also be another variable to consider.

I decided to approach one of my local jewellers and asked  them to melt down some old gold rings i was no longer wearing and have the gold made into a signet ring. The end result I think you will agree is is most pleasing.

Following on from this ring I decided I wanted to explore titanium......a metal that is very hard and durable . I discovered a company in Canada that makes relatively inexpensive personalised rings for around $85 Canadian. This time I decided I wanted just the shield purely to make the image larger. I think for the price the result is very fair. 

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