Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The Serbian emblazon

A few years ago I employed the rather eccentric Mr Ljubodrag Grujic, a Serbian school teacher by trade but a keen and popular international heraldist. I'm sure he'd described me as his most troublesome client and I would equally regard Mr Grujic as one of the most eccentric artist I've yet employed but none the less the emblazons exist and I figured why not show them to the world wide web.

The shield as shown above is interestingly done. It features a sackbut (an early forerunner of the modern trombone) upon a green shield partitioned by a chevron gold which upon is placed a decorative thistle proper. 
The badge is a variant of my official crest badge and features my birdie crest, a 'bluethroat' latin name 'Luscinia svecica'. A small passerine  European bird not an easy bird to find in the UK but very occasionally they make it to my back garden.  
My banner of arms held aloft by my crest. I rather like the finial shaped as a sackbut. The fringe gives the flag a charming appearance. I fly a similar one in my garden. So these are my Serbian emblazons as i like to call them :-)

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