Saturday, 12 July 2014

Laird Sky

Greetings from Laird Sky a supporter of Dunans Castle Trust. Over 100,000 decorative Lairds & Ladies of Dunans Castle Trust support the project to see Dunans Castle restored. 

So how does this work? 

Well it’s based on the 'Joie de Vivre' principle. You buy an estate from the current owner Charles Dixon-Spain Esq and by 'ownership' of an estate you can adopt the informal feudal title Laird or Lady of Dunans. Your souvenir land being a micro estate on the 16 acres of Dunans Castle. Your estate typically measuring some 92,903 mm squared :-) Here is my Deed of Entitlement care of Charles Dixon-Spain Esq.

Do you own your land?
 Scotland has a rather odd & disingenuous way of viewing the sale of small parcels of land. As Aileen McLeod MSP & Scottish Land Minister stated when I asked her in March 2015 'the right is purely a personal right based on the contract between the purchaser and seller. In theory the company that has the registered legal right to the larger area of ground could sell this land to a third party, as the ownership of the souvenir plots would not be disclosed on the land register' quote Dexys Midnight Runners 'come on Aileen!'
Restoration of Castle Dunans 

  Laird Charles and Lady Sadie Dixon-Spain of Dunans have a grand plan in place through financial grants and 'sales' of Souvenir land & gifts such as their own registered Dunans Rising tartan to see the historic building Castle Dunans restored. I can but hope one of Scotland's historic buildings will actually benefit from their efforts.

What is a Laird anyway? 

 Chambers Dictionary New Edition states the following- Esquire an English landed proprietor, 
Squireen an Irish petty landed gentleman & 
Laird a Scottish estate owner. Unlike Lord of the Manor titles, the territorial designation  'Laird of XYZ' is a 'corporeal hereditament' in other words tied to the land, these could be recognised via the Lord Lyon were appropriate in Scotland via Letters Patent. 

Some take these faux 'Lairdships' gifts quite seriously, for the vast majority of us these souvenir gifts amount to harmless fun with no real significance in the modern world. 
Should the Scottish Government or Trading Standards address the contradiction that currently exist with souvenir land sales? Are the land sales Legal? I think the answers are somewhat obvious...
I hope you found these rambling observations of Scottish Souvenir sales of interest. Once in a blue moon the odd troll decides to leave some pointless comment, my thinking on this- Outrage is a fool’s errand, and unless you're a fool, you needn't carry the weight of another fool’s burden. Let the fools do the heavy lifting...


Laird Sky of Dunans?