Friday, 9 November 2018

A new emblazon with a College of Arms design...

   My lovely new emblazon  by the very talented digital graphic artist Mr Quentin Peacock who works very closely with the heralds who are employed at the College of Arms. Quentin took my South African Letters Patent and gave it a thoroughly British Coat of Arms design. I now feel my arms have a thoroughly cosmopolitan vibe having been emblazoned by artists from Russia, Spain, South Africa, England, Scotland and Belgium. 
Arms: Per chevron Vert and Or, in chief a sackbut placed fesswise of the last and in base a thistle slipped and leaved Proper. Crest:  A bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) Proper, perched upon a wreath of Or and Vert. Motto:  Less is More. Registration: South African Bureau of Heraldry on 5th May 2015 certificate number 3850.

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