Monday, 19 August 2019

Bloxham-Simms Association Armorial

International Society of Commoners Heraldry Registration Certificate 

The Bloxham-Simms Association have had a coat of arms designed by Messrs Brian Ashier & Elliot Nesterman and has been duly registered with the International Society of Commoners Heraldry. 

The Bloxham-Simms family of Hull 1930's.

The Association consists namely of the descendants of Frank Henry Simms and wife Amanda Matilda Eliassen both of Hull. Franks was the only child of Francis Alfred Bloxham & Charlotte Ann Simms. Frank & Amanda had a large family of 13 children many of whom went on to serve during WW2. Frank & Amanda now have many descendants, many of whom still keep in touch via an online group called the Bloxham-Simms family of Hull. 

Frank Henry Simms & Amanda Matilda Simms 50th Wedding Anniversary

They celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary in 1964.Their eldest child was Harry Leonard Simms and his eldest son was Paul Simms who married my mother Christine Frizzell in 1970. Interestingly Paul & Christine Simms celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary in 2020. I have the curious position of being their eldest child hence I've put this blog together today to highlight the families progression.

Simms family WW2
Paul Simms & Christine Frizzell circa late 1960's Redcar

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